Double-deck (shelved) transport solutions


If you need double-deck transportation

If your vehicle or fleet is suitable for double-deck (shelved) transportation, we build double-deck bodies from semi-trailer to panel van for every kind of vehicle / body size and of load.

Here are some examples :

  • Partial transportation or distribution of goods / loads with optimum weight where stacking is limited or forbidden
  • Transportation or distribution of special loads, long or wide but low (in height)
  • Partial logistics and distribution of chemicals and medicals
  • Partial logistics and distribution of food and sensitive (mechanical, micdobiological and temperature) food
  • Logistics of seedlings, saplings, pot plants, etc. for florists and landscape designers
  • Logistics and distribution of standard or cold load that may cause capacity loss due to empty space left in the body

Shelves and loading options just for your business

We provide a wide range of components and engineering solutions, conforming security and quality standards, as much as your business requires.

Such as :

  • High-performance shelf straps to carry up to 1.000 kgs
  • Shelf, rail and wall reinforcement options for light loads upon on the limits of your business.
  • Completely custom applications for cabs and panel vans
  • Shelving options for full, half or partial body shelving
  • Manual or motorized shelf elevation option
  • Optional loading ramps