refrigerated semi-trailer body Mazer Poliüretan Sanayi

Body in global standards with features just you need

Best power-to-weight ratio to meet your needs

You choose the best configuration whether for yourself or your company that provides you with as much isolation, mechanical and structural resistance as you need.

You obtain the ideal power-to-weight by the structural options including nothing but your business needs.

This provides you with lower purchasing, operating and fuel costs, and more flexible transport business capacity for years.

Planning custom interior components for your business

You can plan custom solutions to fit your transport business needs as; the load, loading method, special hygienic medium, multiple cooling / temperature zones, etc. for a single vehicle or the complete fleet.

If you are carrying partial units as special boxes, packages, pallets, etc., you feel the comfort of zero-spaced custom interior sizing, completely fitting your transportation sizes.

You have the ease of loading, unloading and transport operations with ideal timing and cost reduction.

Global standards of hygiene,
resistance, maintenance and safety

While ordering Poliüretan Sanayi semi-trailer bodies, you will choose the components and parts to meet your exact requirements, complying with global standards.

Body panels are covered with non flammable, flame retardant or self-extinguishing safety certificated laminates.

You will get expert support by our team to reach the best solutions for your business while customizing the floor, walls, ceiling, and loading / unloading side for mono-spaced or partitioned bodies.

Some of the options are: