Our references

As a valuable reference, every customer’s vehicle with our brand at the back of its body means a lot to us.

We also highly value the opinions and experiences of long-distance transportation and distribution drivers and logistic experts who recommend the quality and value of our products to companies and brands.

Some of our references

Abalıoğlu A.Ş.
(fish, poultry and animal feed producer)

Akbaşlar Ltd.Şti.
(agricultural products)

Ak-Du Süt Ürünleri
(dairy products)

Arma Marine
(marine services)

Bağarası Koop.
(dairy products)

Balkan Süt
(milk producer)

BİM Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş.
(supermarket chain)

Bolulu Hasan Usta
(milky desserts)

Ekiz Tavukculuk A.Ş.
(poultry products)

Gedik Piliç
(poultry products)

Gezici Süt - Mega Süt
(milk producer)

Gümüş Doğa Su Ürünleri

(milk producer)

Güres Tavukçuluk
(poultry products)

Işık Tavukçuluk
(poultry products)

Kafkas Pasta ve Şekerleme

Öznil Lojistik (logistics)

Onur Süt Ürünleri (dairy products)

Sütman A.Ş.
(milk producer)

Pehlivanoğlu A.Ş.
(supermarket chain)

Piri Reis Ship Supply

(dairy products)

Sertel Lojistik

Şimşekler Genel Kumanyacılık
(ship chandler)