Unlimited solutions with global quality standards for single vehicles and fleets


Semi-trailer bodies

We provide manufacturing solutions for all kinds of single and corporate refrigerated semi-trailer bodies from meat and dairy products to medical sector.

Truck bodies

We produce refrigerated truck bodies suitable for every chassis and loading limit of single vehicles and corporate fleets.

Cab bodies

We produce regrigerated bodies for all cabs of every brand and model with semi-trailer body quality providing unlimited interior configurations upon request.

Van installations

We install refrigerated interior cabinets in every brand and model of panel vans. We uninstall our cabinets without any trace and avoid loss in value of selling.

You set your own standards for your single vehicle or fleet

Do not invest in features beyond your needs and keep your fuel spend low by avoiding to carry unused features.

Add features that will facilitate your business, increase your competitiveness, reduce overall transportation expenses.

Describe your business to us for your specific loads. Our technical experts will provide support for constructing custom bodies for your business.


Business specific solutions in nine sectors and tens of fields for individuals and corporate


Polyurethane and OEM manufacturing

Polyurethane block and panel manufacturing

We produce polyurethane blocks and panels upon your request.

OEM polyurethane parts manufacturing

We produce OEM polyurethane automotive parts for leading brands’ vehicles.