Meat carcass hanger systems


Fitting every vehicle, customized to your business

We provide solutions for single vehicles and fleet for transport and distribution of meat carcasses due to the volume of your business.

Here are some options:

  • Semi-trailer and truck bodies with extra reinforced ceilings for transportation and delivery of heavy meat carcasses of esp. bovine animals.
  • Hanger, rail and shelf systems and ceiling reinforcements with optimized resistance and robustness due to business volume.
  • Brand and model specific reinforced ceiling isolation to distribute carcasses with panel vans
  • Custom loading / unloading options for panel van distribution

A wide range of components options

We offer flexible options for single vehicles or fleets with a wide range of components complying Turkish Food Codex and international food safety standards.

Here are some options:

  • High performance aluminium or steel walls, shelves, rails and corrugations
  • Various hook and hanger system options for bovine, ovine, or stock transportation
  • 18/8 Cr-NI stainless steel components
  • Side shelves, side hangers, horizontal partitioning cages etc. to transport lighter meat cuts besides heavy carcasses for wider distribution business