Interior movable partition systems

Slide, open, close...

We produce business-oriented movable partitions for every vehicle and body size from semi-trailer to panel van for flexible and variable business volume.

Here are some examples:

  • Transportation / distribution in a single body with various temperature zones
  • Truck body partitions for partial transportation if required
  • Distributing refrigerated and frozen perishable food in the same body if required
  • Transporting medical products all at once, which should be transported in separate zones

Tailor-made components and parts

We offer a wide range of component options and separation solutions specific to your load / business complying with safety and quality standards.

Here are some examples:

  • Hygienic certificated panels and separators for perishable food bodies complied with food safety standards
  • Sliding railed, monoblock, completely removable or curtain-like opening separators
  • Application of both fixed and movable partitions in the same body