Mobile or stationary cold rooms



We provide facilities with turnkey complete cold rooms where construction is hard, expensive, inefficient or impossible.

We provide mobile cold room units for nonresidential areas.

Unlimited increase of capacity is possible by adding units .

Where to use?

  • Extra cold room demands of touristic establishments
  • Camp, caravan, trailer park cold room applications
  • Service, gas stations
  • Cold room needs of worksite kitchens
  • Harvesting site cold room demands for sensitive agrucultural produces
  • Cold room demands for disaster or emergency sites
  • Warm room demands in arctic or cold regions

Customizable capacity and solutions due to business or area requirements

We provide wide options of cooling range, capacity and hygiene due to area of installation, usage, product specs complying global safety standards.

Standard features

  • Cooling / freezing range between +4 / -18 °C
  • High performance up to +45 °C outdoor temperature
  • Plug-and-use electric cooling system
  • UV resistant body
  • High performance seals and hinges suitable for frequent use
  • Lockable door
  • Externally controlled interior lighting with frigo LED
  • External gear on the roof and chasis for handling with crane or forklift

Optional features

  • Extra cooling / freezing up to -25 ° C
  • Tropical isolation for outdoor temperatures exceeding +45 °C
  • Optional BIOLAB tested hygienic interior laminates preventing bacterial growth
  • HACCP and ATP-C compliant interior options
  • Freestanding units with optional generator