refrigerated panel van isolation Mazer Poliüretan Sanayi

Value adder and money saver panel van isolation

It’s all upon your request

You select the safest isolation options for your existing or newly bought van in accord with the load you transport and distribute.

Your component options based upon the volume and hardness of your transport / distribution business make your operations easier.

We provide the isolation solutions you need, regardless of size limits, from the smallest to the largest vehicle sizes.

Mounted like factory defaults, unmounted as it’ never been applied

We mount refrigerated isolation or heat-controlled cabin fully compatible to your single vehicle or fleet just like it’s factory built.

If you want to sell your vehicle without isolation, our team unmount as if no isolation was made.

In case of an accident, damage or need of servicing, maintanence, our team provides you withunmounting / mounting services, to help you back to your business in shortest convenience.

Cabin isolation in global standards

Poliüretan Sanayi uses self produced polyurethane and products complying with global standards when isolating panel vans.

You distribute safely by means of nonflammable, flame retardant, self-extinguishing and safety certificated GRP (FRP) laminates.

You raise your customer profile with your dazzling panel van cabin.

Areas of use

-25 C° / -18 C° segment

  • Ice cream
  • Deep frozen
  • Frozen seafood & aquaculture products

Red/white meat products

  • Carcass meat
  • Cut meat products
  • Poultry products
  • Deli products

Medical logistics

  • Medicines, chemicals
  • Medical cold chain services
  • Blood bank products delivery

Perishable fresh food

  • Fresh dairy products
  • Pastry products

Fresh food products

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruits

Wholesale / retail

  • Retail distribution
  • Online shop logistics

Seafood & aquaculture products

  • Whole seafood & aquaculture products
  • Processed aquaculture products
  • Larvae


  • Catering services for organizations
  • Industrial meal / catering services

Metal component options

  • High performance aluminium or steel panels, shelves, rails and profiles
  • Metal components selected upon distribution volume and toughness of loading / unloading
  • 18/8 Cr-NI stainless steel equipment for perishable food
  • Load or business oriented fixed or movable shelf and cage systems

Flooring options

  • High performance checker anti-slip aluminium floor option
  • Anti-slip GRP (FRP) floor options complying with food regulations
  • Railed floor options for thermobox vehicles
  • ATP-C certificated and disinfectable options for perishable food
  • Optional floor drainage for easy cleaning

Interior wall and ceiling options

  • ATP-C approved wall covering options complying with food regulations
  • Easy-to-clean embossed wall options
  • Antibacterial, BioLab certificated wall panel options for perishable food distribution
  • High quality, Eco (optimum cost) wall covering options for non-sensitive transportation
  • Fire safety certificated and flame retardant GRP (FRP) wall and floor laminates
  • Standard LED or frigo LED interior lighting

Decopan® laminates we use in our cabins are passed the safety and resistance tests of OFI GmbH, Warrington Fire Research, Siemens Laboratories, TITK, FCBA Institut Technologuque.

Loading and partitioning options

  • Back and side loading/unloading options
  • Two or more partitioning options for food safety and refrigerating efficiency
  • Two or more different refrigerating zone options in a single body with a proper refrigerating unit
  • Optional curtains for thermal or hygienic protection
  • Variable partitioning cabin interior option
  • Dual / double door option for perishable items
  • Exterior LED lighting for loading / unloading